The JLTAV Japanese Speech Competition 2017

We had an annual event run by JLTAV (Japanese Language Teachers’ Association of Victoria)

These four people above have practiced really hard at school and home. They had one set speech which has six long sentences all in Japanese and created their own speeches that go for 60-90 seconds. They performed in front of other participants, parents, teachers from other schools and judges. They were really determined and practiced so hard for this competition!!!!!

Here is the result…..

Categories and Names

  • Year 5/6 Individual – Nudara
  • Year 5/6 Pairs – Samantha and Venuja (Encouragement Award)
  • Year 5/6 Open – Mirae (Encouragement Award)


Year 5/6 Author’s Visit

“HOTAKA” by John Heffernan

We had an author of a book called “HOTAKA” visiting us on 7 March.
John Heffernan wrote this book based on the massive earthquakes that happened in 11 March 2011.
He went o Japan and interviewed the children who were affected by the earthquakes and Tsunami.

We invited Ashburton Primary School & Huntingdale Primary School. Ashburton students presented about avalanche and Huntingdale students presented a role play about people who still live in the temporary house community. They were fantastic!

Japanese Extension Students from Year 6 presented a Japanese folktale called “Burning of the Rice Field”

Japanese Extension Student Present “Burning of the Rice Field” from mwps on Vimeo.


John Heffernan’s Book Launch with the Japanese Extension Students

Last Tuesday, John Heffernan visited MWPS to launch his new book called ‘Hotaka’. Hotaka is a book based on the major tsunami in Japan, 2011, but is told through a fictional character’s eyes. Hotaka is in the second series of the renowned collection, ‘Through My Eyes’. The last series was based on War Zones, but this series consisted 4 books of the topic, Natural Disasters. Many other guests came along too. The editor, Lynn White came, two people from Save the Children Organisation came to explain what their goal was and what they do as a job. Groups of students from Ashburton Primary School and Huntingdale Primary School came along as well.

Ashburton showed the audience an informative presentation and a massive poster on volcanoes and avalanches. It was quite compelling, and the Year 5 and 6 students learnt many intriguing facts from the presentation. Huntingdale Primary presented an enthralling play about how people lived after the tsunami hit their houses and how they had to stay in a crammed space since their homes were all swept away by the immense tsunami.

But most importantly, the Japanese Extension students, Nudara, Hannah, Senuja, Mirae, Hyunji, Samantha and Skye from MWPS performed a terrific play on ‘The Burning of the Rice fields’.  The Burning of the Rice Fields is a popular Japanese story about an old man named Hamauguchi, who was sitting with his young granddaughter, when suddenly, his house shook! A Jishin-earthquake had struck! Then, he could see a terrifying sight. It was colossal tsunami! He knew what was to be done, as he had experienced a similar scenario before. So he burned all his rice fields to capture the village people’s attention, since the village below the mountain would get destroyed. But where would the people live? He had to burn the rice fields so no one would get swept away from the tsunami.

It was a splendid play and everyone enjoyed it. All the Japanese extension students dressed up in Kimonos and used mini props. All the students, the editor, Lynn White, the two people from the ‘Save the Children Organisation (Emily and Kate) and John Heffernan enjoyed everyone’s presentation.

Overall, it was a marvellous day and everyone enjoyed each other’s presentations and speeches. We hope to have other brilliant experiences like this more often.

Written By: Nudara & Hannah from Grade 6