Grade 2

How to make KABUTO (Samurai Helmet)


READING TEST (Click here)







We cooked “Matcha Hottoke-ki” (Greentea Pancakes)!!

In Term ONE, Year 2 have been learning cooking words through Erick Carle’s book “Pancakes Pancakes” in Japanese. We made green tea pancakes with sweet beans! Everyone said it was “Oishi—–!”

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Here is some fun “Anpanman Pancake”!







とんとんとんとん ひげじいさん Song

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  1. Sen sei why aren’t you here for 2D?

    but i do have a favorite page!!!!!!!!! it is ………………..The greentea pancake!!!!!!!! it is very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • It’s great to hear that you love the Japanese word of the week, Charlie!
      Yes, that’ right. Sensei means teacher and you can check my real name on my badge next time you come to the Japanese room!

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