16 thoughts on “ORIGAMI

  1. Konnichiwa Sensei,
    The origami club website is really useful AND very interesting. It has a big selection of things to make and I’m looking forward to do them.

    • Ohayo Himaya!
      I am so happy for you to discover the Origami Club website 🙂 The Origami flower you made me last year(!?) was beautiful! I am sure you can enjoy making more new ones during the holiday! You can find some “proper” and better Origami paper in Daiso in Chadstone shopping centre if you ran out the paper.

  2. Thank You Sensei. I never knew about that shop before. So I might go there next time I go to Chadstone. Anyway, you never know what I might find in there….

  3. I think making origami is fun to do.
    I hope we could do more of it!
    I really enjoy making origami!
    I hope we have more time doing origami!

  4. 🙂 🙂
    Dear Sensei,
    Thank you for being such a kind teacher throughout the years, I really love learning about Japanese. I appreciate your teaching lessons, Japanese language is really fun to learn.
    From: Noor 🙂

    • Dear Noor,
      Thank you for the lovely message.
      I’m happy that you enjoyed learning Japanese while you were at MWPS.
      I hope you can continue learning Japanese over there as well!

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