Word of the Week 11

Listen to 3E how they said “Go Australia!” “Go Japan!” all in Japanese ↓


Come on (Australia)! Go (Japan)!

Try your best!

This is said to encourage someone who is working hard, such as running in a marathon or studying. Another way of saying this is “GANBATTE.” The Socceroos are playing against Japan in the FIFA World Cup Qualifier 11 October so say“Ganbare!” to your favourite team! Sensei will be there to say “Ganbare Nippon!” see you there if you are going as well. ^o^

Mountain Day!(Aug.11th)

Today (August 11th) 八月十一日 is Japan’s newest public holiday “Mountain Day” 山の日(yama-no-hi). Starting this year! Just as Japan celebrates Marine Day in July, Japan’s connection with Shinto and nature led to the creation of this new day. The new law describing Mountain Day says it is designed dto share “opportunities to get familiar with mountains and appreciate blessings from mountains. You can find out more about the day at the Japan Times: http://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2014/05/23/national/mountain-day-created-as-newest-official-public-holiday/ (cited in JLTAV)


Our Japanese Extension students celebrated by doing calligraphy!

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